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 YOUR Deli is located

at 395 Park Avenue

across from the

Amherst Public Library

in downtown Amherst, OH

Open Monday thru Friday

10:30am - 3:30pm


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Amherst Town Hall
Amherst, OH

Ohio Historical Marker 14-47
The City of Amherst was founded in 1811. Beginning in 1847, Amherst developed and prospered around the sandstone industry and its associated quarries. This sandstone proved to be an important economic blessing to our early settlers and is the foundation of Amherst's existence. Amherst sandstone shows lines of stratification or bedding when exposed in sections. Its natural beauty is enhanced by a virtual spectrum of rich and unique colors including deep reds, browns, yellows, and shades of gray. Amherst sandstone is well known for its quality, durability, and rich texture and has been utilized across our nation and throughout the world. Amherst is literally and figuratively built upon a rock, which extends deep in the earth.

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"Tours will be made available to various local groups as well as one-day bus tours from areas of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan," Dixon said.

Amherst, OH - Debbie Dixon, owner of YOUR Deli has decided to turn up the heat once again! This time it isn't on one of her 60 gallon kettles of delicious, homemade chicken paprikash. Dixon has moved both her restaurant and chicken paprikash business to the former Higgins Pharmacy building located at 395 Park Avenue, directly opposite of the Amherst Public Library. Dixon has announced her plans to begin offering tours of her new facility starting in 2011.

"Tours will be made available to various local groups as well as one-day bus tours from areas of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan," Dixon said.
Groups will be received into the spacious climate-controlled restaurant seating area where tour guests can relax and unwind. "On warmer days, those who don't care for air-conditioning are welcome to enjoy our outdoor seating," Dixon said. Tours are expected to form from these casual seating areas and will include a brief visit to YOUR Deli's ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) certified kitchen located just steps away from both dining areas.

"Guests will have the opportunity to sample YOUR Deli Premium Chicken Paprikash™," Dixon said.
YOUR Deli will offer both dine-in and carry out dining, including the option to purchase various sizes of YOUR Deli Premium Chicken Paprikash™ to share with family and friends. In addition, guests can also purchase a piece of homemade Country Harvest Cheesecake for the ride home.

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"Wheelchairs and mobility scooters will always be welcome in our new, spacious ground floor facility," Dixon said. "There's actually quite a few senior residents living right here in downtown Amherst and we'd like to see them getting out as much as possible too."  

Groups with interest are encouraged to contact YOUR Deli for more information. Additional details regarding dates and times will be posted at www.yourdeliamherst.com as scheduled tours are finalized.

"Bus tour guides are welcome to contact YOUR Deli for specific details and information to learn more about the YOUR Deli Experience," Dixon said.
YOUR Deli's new facility is located 10 minutes off of Ohio State Route 2 East and West as well as 10 minutes off of Ohio Interstate 80/90 East and West.

The town of Amherst was established by German immigrants in 1811. Today, the City of Amherst continues to be known for being the Sandstone Center of the World. The downtown area is located approximately 2.5 miles South of Lake Erie.

Tour guests will also have the option of including a visit to Amherst's Sandstone Village. For additional information 

To learn more about the City of Amherst, OH CLICK HERE

YOUR Deli Tours can be reached by calling 440-985-3354.


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